Hi, I'm Forest, indie developer

I create video games and video games related tools.

Want to check my games?... well, they are work in progress!

None of the games I have created so far are published right now. I'm changing that very soon. I have a couple games under development, but well, I don't have anything to show about them for now.
The reason for this is that I've been working a few years in a couple cool tools :)

My loved regrets

I regret not creating more games, but at the same time I love Muvslide and VoxelPop, my non-game projects. More about them in the projects section.



I've worked, or I'm working on these

Animuv [ paused project ]

Unity asset to make animations recording your phone's input. I would continue this whenever I feel like adding more regrets to my list.


Not that lonely lone wolf

Besides me, not everyone here is involved in all the projects.
Think of them as my go-to people for collaborating, bouncing ideas, and getting help in general.


I do a bit of everything. What I enjoy the most is game design and programming.


Helps with planning and administrative tasks. Also gives brutal feedback .


Visual artist. You can check out some of his art here.

Shigeru Miyamoto

He helps a lot, even when he is not aware we exist #joke.